Looking For QRCode Online Facebook Coupons In Montana

Montana News 05/10/2012: QRCode is becoming the trend in Montana . Publishing kohl's coupons with QRCode on Facebook is a new way to help increasing local retail store exposures.

Smart Local Shoppers recently announce the new feature to allow visitor to share their favorite printable coupons in Montana on social media like Google+ or in Email with simply few clicks.

QRCode for savvy shopper is no longer a toy for discovering online coupons in Montana . With Smart Local Shoppers new social sharing feature with the QRCode on the mobile phone on Facebook, smart shopper can share and discover the latest Restaurant coupons and/or discount Texas RoadHouse coupons QRCode in Montana and access instant saving.

Facebook user can simply visit any coupon found on Smart Local Shoppers and press print and share on Facebook with the QRCode in place. It will help their friends in Montana to save money while supporting local business in Montana . It's the best local marketing for everyone! PR4669589899

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