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Montana Local Coupons do not just bring local shoppers the newest local offers, but Montana Local Coupons also help local shoppers make money.

Search Engine Land recently release the great article about 5 top local marketing trends for 2012. It's a great article to see how local business owner can apply to their local business marketing strategies. Without the question, 2012 is going to be a great year for local business to recover and grow beyond down economy. No matter what you do, you will need to implement local advertising with many different Internet technologies and web promotions into your marketing plan. Here are some of the good key points in the article that you should pay attention to.
Localization Will Trump Local
Local marketing has been a hot topic for several years. However, what will set the ultimate winners apart from the pack in the local market in 2012 is "localization," or customization of your marketing for each specific geographic target. Take hotels, for example. Various national chains run generic local ads across the country, but one Boston hotel management firm increased its reservation phone calls from the web by 508% in their first month after moving to a localized strategy. Local has been the rage, but the more meaningful trend in 2012 will be localization.
Don't get discouraged of running a small regional restaurant or any kind. It's time to get started for 2012 local marketing by capitalizing on the local search marketing trends.

Whether you're leveraging Search, mobile coupon, downloadable special deals, location-awareness or GEO localization or many of all tactics, there are plenty of local marketing opportunities that will help your business drive success in the coming years. Remember to check out and share Montana Local Coupons on Twitter with your families. We hope to save you and your family money and support local businesses the same time. It's WIW-WIN for you and local business. After all, Staff at Montana Local Coupons wish you a great holiday and happy new year 2012! PR1629830604

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